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Northern Steel Buildings and Construction proudly offer a range of building features designed to enhance your property and meet your specific needs. From optimizing energy efficiency with our advanced insulation solutions to providing versatile and durable framing systems, we have it all. Click the links below and check out our comprehensive offerings encompassing everything you need for a successful construction project.

a steel building under construction

Our insulation solutions optimize your building’s energy efficiency, safeguarding its interiors from environmental variations. Ideal for residential and commercial properties, our services reflect advanced thermal technology.

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a steel building under construction
Bar Joists & Decking

Inspired by New Millennium Building Systems, our bar joists and decking services are dedicated to achieving your architectural vision. We offer the right steel building system to meet your project goals and control costs.

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a man with a red shirt working in an industrial building
Framing Systems

Drawing from industry-leading practices in light-gauge steel framing, our robust and versatile framing systems offer enhanced performance for residential buildings. Our systems are designed to address even the most complex aspects of construction.

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an interior of an industrial steel building
Flooring & Foundations

Our flooring and foundation solutions are engineered to support the longevity of your building. Emphasizing cost-effectiveness and high-quality materials, we ensure a strong base for your construction project.

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mezzanine, stairs with white rail

Increase your usable space with our Mezzanine solutions. Ideal for storage, office, or production areas, our designs are both functional and visually appealing, providing a unique vantage point within your building.

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a commercial steel building

Add style and durability to your buildings with our wainscoting. Ideal for protection against wear and tear, our solutions blend seamlessly into your architectural design while enhancing the longevity of your walls.

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