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At Northern Steel Buildings and Construction, we harmoniously blend innovative design and superior engineering to realize your vision. Our unique, prefabricated structures fuse aesthetics with functionality, accommodating diverse architectural components. The result? Customized, industry-standard buildings that are as stunning as they are practical. We specialize in providing you with a comprehensive, hassle-free, and satisfying design and engineering experience.

Multifaceted Design Solutions

Whether you require a multi-directional, Gable design or a single slope, our engineering expertise caters to your specific needs, ensuring a structurally robust and visually appealing building.

Enhanced Exteriors

Add an extra dimension to your structure with our canopy and eve extensions, tapered eves, insulated panels, popouts and dutchmen options – solutions designed for added elegance and functionality.

Structure Levels

From multi-tier or barn designs to multi-story buildings and mezzanines, we provide varied structural levels that optimize space while maintaining structural integrity.

Custom Add-Ons

Beyond the basic design, we provide diverse add-ons like liner panels on roofs and/or walls, WAINSCOTING, Canopies, leanto’s and hydraulic doors to enhance aesthetics and functionality.

Material Versatility

Opt for a unique blend of textures with our offerings of block, stone, stucco, brick, or hybrid building materials and combinations, adding character to your project.

Safety Prioritized

We provide fire wall systems with steel-insulated walls, offering 1–3-hour ratings for enhanced safety. Certified under BXUV – Fire Resistance Ratings – ANSI/UL 263, our solutions prioritize your safety without compromising on aesthetics.


Our Design & Engineering Samples

a commercial building made of steel and wainscot
a large research building
a multi directional steel building
Multi-Directional Design
canopy and eve extension on a steel building
Canopy and Eve Extensions
a red agricultural shed with windows
Tapered Eves and Duchmens
a red multi-tier barn
Multi-Tier or Barn Design
a steel building with exterior Parpet Walls
Parpet Walls
a steel building with brick and stucco exterior walls
Block, Stone, Stucco & Brick
a black and grey retail store building made out of steel with wainscot
Tapered Frames and Angled Roof Lines
a fire station building made out of steel located in a rural setting
hybrid building materials
Hybrid Building Materials
Hydraulic Door
Hydraulic Door
two cranes in the industrial steel building
Liner Panels on Roof and/or Walls
Liner Panels on Roof and/or Walls
Fire Wall System

Steel Insulated wall that can be 1–3-hour ratings.

 BXUV – Fire Resistance Ratings – ANSI/UL 263 Certified

a steel building with a fire wall
a steel building with white fire walls

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