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Northern Steel Buildings gives you  design, versatility and quality as key to unlock greatest success.  We delivery on needed standards and/or we can give you a better design by incorporating may architectural components to give you a completely custom prefab structure.  Examples include eve extensions, duchmens, parapet walls, cranes, attached to existing buildings, hybrid materials and multi-level buildings, and more. Let us help take a standard building design and make it exceptional.

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Colors and Designs

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Multi-Directional Design

Canopy and Eve Extensions

Tapered Eves and Duchmens

Multi-Tier or Barn Design


Tapered Frames and Angled Roof Lines

Liner Panels on Roof and/or Walls

Parpet Walls

Block, Stone, Stucco and Brick

Hybrid Building Materials and Combinations




Hydraulic Door

Fire Wall System

Steel Insulated wall that can be 1-3 hour ratings.