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Crafted for Livestock and Performance

Welcome to our Farm Buildings page, where we provide an array of durable and versatile barns to meet your farming needs. Whether you’re tending to dairy cows, breeding horses, or providing shelter for other livestock, our barns are designed with the welfare of your animals and the efficiency of your farm operations in mind. We understand that each farm is unique, and we’re committed to delivering solutions that are tailor-made to your requirements.

Milk Barns

Boost your dairy production with Northern Steel Buildings and Construction. Our pre-engineered steel milk barns create a safer, more comfortable environment for your herd, which helps increase milk yield and quality. They offer fast construction, optimal space, and outstanding durability, resulting in long-term operational efficiency and lower maintenance costs. 

Horse Arenas

Built for strength and versatility, our steel horse arenas are custom-designed to cater to your equestrian needs. Our buildings offer spacious, column-free interiors and increased height options, allowing for unobstructed riding. Durable and resistant to weather elements, these arenas ensure your horses’ welfare.

Loafing Barns

Created to provide shelter for livestock while granting them the freedom to roam, our loafing barns focus on animal comfort and safety. High-quality materials ensure longevity, while smart designs accommodate both livestock and handlers’ needs. Natural and power ventilation options provide an optimum environment.

Animal Barns

Our animal barns ensure a safe, comfortable habitat for a variety of livestock. These barns offer the perfect balance between ventilation and warmth, natural light and shade, with consideration for easy feeding and cleaning. We prioritize the welfare of your animals in our durable, practical designs.

Hay and Crop Sheds:

Protect your precious crop and feed supplies in our steel hay and crop sheds. Designed to withstand harsh weather, they offer robust protection against pests and moisture. Fast construction, vast storage space, and the potential for easy expansion make them an excellent choice for agricultural needs.


Our steel workshops are not just durable and quick to erect but can be customized to fit your unique requirements. Designed with your daily operations in mind, they provide an efficient workspace for repairs, maintenance, or other farm activities. Our structures ensure fast construction, optimal space utilization, and superior longevity.


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