Wrap your building in comfort with our energy-saving insulation systems

Secure the ultimate in energy efficiency, cost savings, and comfort with Northern Steel Building’s state-of-the-art insulation systems. Our diverse range of solutions is designed to enhance your building’s long-term structural integrity while providing significant energy savings.

Simple Savor System

Our Simple Saver System optimizes insulation performance, sealing against air infiltration and blocking over 90% of heat transfer. Say hello to efficiency and comfort for your commercial buildings.


  • The Simple Saver System creates sufficient depth space to accommodate the specified insulation thickness and deflection, ensuring maximum insulation performance.
  • Unlike standard insulation methods that push against structural members and create a thermal break, the Simple Saver System maintains consistent insulation performance.
  • Properly sealed ceiling and wall systems prevent air infiltration and effectively separate the conductive steel structure from the conditioned air inside the building.
  • With low U-values and low emissivity values, the Simple Saver System blocks over 90% of all three types of heat transfer, enhancing energy efficiency and thermal insulation.

Sealed “N” Safe

Introducing the SNS® Continuous Insulation System – where insulation becomes an investment, not an expense!

installing the insulation at a steel building construction site


  • SNS thermal blocks extend the lifespan of screw-down roofs by reducing condensation.
  • Estimated ROI of approximately 1 year, varying with your climate zone.
  • Enhances insulation performance by as much as double and more.
  • Sealed “N” Safe® is the only thermal block meeting AISI S100 2009 Sec D6.1.1 specs for “Stand-Off Screws.”
  • Compliant with the International Energy Conservation Code (see table 502.2(1)).
  • Boasts a class A fire rating for added safety.
  • Comes with a reassuring 3-year written warranty.

Standard High R-Value Banded Insulation System


Our superior standard insulation system – a large white vinyl reinforced VR system with R values ranging from 13 to 49, meets energy code requirements for insulated buildings. This tried, and true system offers exceptional economy and efficiency.


  • Faced fiberglass is installed parallel between purlins with long tabs lapped over the top for secure placement.
  • Unfaced metal building insulation is used as a backfill, fully filling the purlin cavity.
  • Sturdy metal banding is installed perpendicular beneath the purlins, securely attached with TEK screws for added support.

Insulated Panel Systems

northern steel buildings and construction insulated panel roof

High Rib insulated metal wall panels offer a truly distinctive exterior appearance with customizable colors. The ultimate high R-value solution provides maximum strength characteristics for extended spanning capabilities and reduced secondary steel supports.


  • Panel thickness ranges from 2” to 6”; R-8 to R-50, ensuring exceptional insulation properties.
  • Attractive V-groove profile with stucco embossing on the interior face.
  • Versatility for new and retrofit applications in various markets.
  • Superior thermal performance with excellent foam-to-foam contact at the joint.
  • Embrace efficiency with insulated metal panel systems like High Rib, minimizing schedule delays and maximizing ROI.

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