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At Northern Steel Buildings and Construction, we can show you the transforming power of mezzanines. Our innovative designs give you extra space, enhanced efficiency, and a new perspective on your business operations.

A mezzanine is an intermediate level within a building, acting like a mini-floor between the main floor and ceiling. Deriving from the Italian word ‘mezza,’ meaning ‘half’ or ‘middle,’ mezzanines cleverly utilize vertical space to increase efficiency and floor area without extending the building itself. For instance, imagine a warehouse where a mezzanine might serve as an extra storage or work platform, enhancing the building’s utility without affecting its footprint. Made from different materials like steel, wood, or concrete, these flexible spaces can even be moved or adjusted as needs change.

Maximize Space Usage

Mezzanines effortlessly double or even triple your existing space, making the most of your facility’s vertical square footage. It’s like moving into a larger building, without the hefty costs and logistic complications.

Cost-Efficient Expansion

Compared to traditional construction, installing mezzanines is significantly less expensive and quicker. It’s the smart way to expand your operational capacity while keeping costs under control.

Versatile Applications

Our mezzanines are suitable for a myriad of applications. Whether you need additional storage, workspace, or office areas, we have you covered with adaptable and scalable solutions.

Improved Workflow

By separating functions and personnel across multiple levels, mezzanines enhance operational flow. Experience increased productivity and streamlined processes with this strategic addition to your space

Enhanced Safety

Northern Steel’s mezzanines are designed with safety at the forefront. Strong, sturdy, and reliable, they provide an additional layer of security for your personnel and property.

Long-Term Value

Built to last, our mezzanines are a long-term investment in your business’s future. They are a durable solution that adapts to your changing needs, ensuring your business stays agile in an ever-evolving landscape.


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