Boost Your Structure’s Appeal with Wainscoting

Uplift your building’s aesthetic at minimal cost with our Wainscoting solutions at Northern Steel Buildings and Construction. Check out the variety of design benefits wainscoting can offer and why it’s considered a valuable addition to any building project.

Wainscoting is a centuries-old interior design feature combining decorative boards or panels and moldings that partially cover a wall. Originally used to protect the lower half of plaster walls from hazards, today it adds an element of architectural beauty while still offering protection against scuffs and marks in areas prone to wear and tear. Made from materials like stone, brick and CMU, it’s available in different styles.

a black and grey retail store building made out of steel with wainscot
a fire station building made out of steel located in a rural setting

Upgrade Building at a minimal cost

Elevate the aesthetics of your building without breaking the bank. Wainscoting is a cost-effective solution to enhance visual appeal. A simple addition of a strip of decorative steel or wooden panel can significantly boost the exterior facade of your structure.

Choose from Many Different Style and Color Options

Customize the wainscoting to reflect your style. Opt for colors that complement your building’s exterior, or choose a contrasting hue for a bold statement. Material choices range from steel and wood to stucco and more. Showcase your unique taste and make your building stand out.

Color Match Trim Colors for a Clean, Outstanding Look

Achieve a cohesive and refined look by matching your wainscoting color to your building’s trim. This simple yet effective design strategy not only adds visual interest but also creates an aesthetically pleasing and harmonious exterior.

Revamp Your Space with Stone, Brick, or CMU Wainscoting

Get creative with your wainscoting material choices. Using stone, brick, or CMU for your wainscoting can offer a rustic and grounded aesthetic, setting your building apart. These materials enhance the visual appeal and add an extra layer of protection to your structure.


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